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Bamboo Club

Bamboo Club is part of the nightclub scene in Bucharest, Romania. For more information on Bamboo Club, click the Quick Facts tab above. Here you will find information on Bamboo Club such as club hours, dress code, cover charge, type of music played, and other helpful info for Bamboo Club. If you're in Bucharest tonight and you're looking for some nightlife entertainment, make sure and stop by Bamboo Club.

Nightclubs and bars are places where good friends come together to celebrate or unwind after work. Drinks are ordered, appetizers are shared and the nightlife ritual begins again. But nightclubs are not just watering holes for old friends and colleagues. Nightlife bars are also great places to meet new people. It doesn't matter if it's a nightclub, a bar, a lounge, a pub, or even a karaoke bar, as long as people can enjoy nightlife entertainment, then all is well with the world.

Bamboo Club in Bucharest helps locals and visitors enjoy the nightlife ritual. If you love the nightlife, then Bamboo Club should be on your list of bars and nightclubs to visit in Bucharest.

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